Foot Locker, Inc. Shares Progress Update on Social Action Plan, LEED

February 23, 2021

Learn about some of the efforts the company has made to drive meaningful change for our Black team members and customers.

Last June, Foot Locker, Inc. announced a $200 million commitment over five years to drive meaningful change for our Black team members and customers in the communities we serve – and since then, the Company has been making progress against our social action plan, actively Leading Education and Economic Development (LEED).

As we aim to better serve the Black community, our efforts will continue to evolve. In the last several months, we have made strategic shifts to re-align how we work, how we buy, and how we partner. Our goal is to be a better ally and neighbor. Some of our efforts to do so, so far, include:

·       Committing to a $5 million investment in MaC Venture Capital, a Black-led VC firm dedicated to advancing business with diverse leaders.

·       Over the next 5 years, dedicating 50 additional Foot Locker Associate Scholarships to Black team members

·       Establishing our Bridge Internship Program for store team members to create pathways to corporate office roles

·       Partnering with 34 new Black brands and creators for in-store collaborations in 2021

See Foot Locker, Inc.’s LEED progress update here.

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